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The Sum of Things is a dip-into journal inspired by and for mothers. A carefully curated, ‘little black book’ to refer to in a world that is sometimes full of too much choice and information.

Having worked as a writer, editor and stylist on magazines for over twenty years – a heady rollercoaster ride of divas, deadlines, parties and press trips, along with the more serious work of course – when I had my daughter, Lily, the goal posts shifted. Being at home with a baby was a whole other ball game. I went back to magazines full time when Lily was two and a half, but that wasn’t what I wanted either.

So here, finally, is something in between. An edit of news, interviews and reviews that will, I hope, satisfy the style and lifestyle cravings – in you as well as me – but also be a calm place to come when the rest of the virtual world gets a bit too much.

Hope you enjoy!